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    VISCOpro viscometers: In-line, in-tank, and in demand

    In process environments, accuracy and reliability must go hand in hand with flexibility and functionality. You need a proven product that will run like you expect it to, regardless of how and where you install it. For viscosity control and measurement, the standard system in use in process environments worldwide is Cambridge Viscosity’s VISCOpro line.

    VISCOpro products feature adaptable interconnectivity with optional single and multiple-channel interfaces. Field-adjustable calibration and remote troubleshooting capabilities mean you can devote more time to your process line.

    Whether you need an in-line or in-tank solution, no matter what pressure level or vessel size, VISCOpro electromagnetic viscometers are the high-performance/low-maintenance option you can depend on. With self-cleaning sensors capable of real-time/all-the-time control and monitoring, our electromagnetic viscometer solutions provide the data you need when you need it.

    VISCOpro Products

    Process Viscometer Controller:
    VISCOpro 2000
    Featuring menu-driven electronics, the VISCOpro 2000 is the ideal solution for single-channel control needs, offering 13 measurement ranges and memory control for up to 40 fluid settings. The VISCOpro 2000 displays viscosity, temperature, and temperature-compensated viscosity (TCV) parameters, along with alarm signals and control outputs.

    Digital Viscometer:
    VISCOpro 1600
    Extremely simple, incredibly flexible, and consistently accurate, the VISCOpro 1600 can be used as a standalone monitor or a core component of a viscosity measurement system. With multi-channel and LCD display options, the VISCOpro 1600 integrates easily into any PLC. The explosion-proof housing ensures reliability under any conditions.

    On-line Viscometer Multi-channel Controller:
    VISCOpro 8000
    The VISCOpro 8000 is designed to measure and control multiple fluid applications in a single production line. Users can control up to 12 viscometer units on an intuitive, user-friendly touch screen. The VISCOpro 8000 can display the status of all channels at once; selecting any individual channel automatically displays a full range of controls and settings. With complete control at your fingertips, the VISCOpro 8000 is ideally suited for applications in coatings, paints, and inks.

    VISCOlab Laboratory Viscometers
    High Accuracy. Small Samples.

    Accuracy is essential when measuring fluid viscosity. Investigators need tools that are reliable, easy to use, and that integrate easily into a wide range of laboratory settings. In addition, because fluid samples are often expensive and in scarce supply, it is important for viscometers to deliver accurate results using very small amounts of sample.

    Cambridge Viscosity’s VISCOlab products deliver all the capabilities you need:

  • Accurate results
  • Low-maintenance/high-performance operation
  • Small footprint, small sample
  • The peace of mind that comes from choosing a vendor with nearly a quarter-century of experience and more than 8,000 installations worldwide

  • The VISCOlab family of laboratory viscometers

    Small Sample Viscometer:
    VISCOlab 4000
    The VISCOlab 4000 supports up to 12 viscosity ranges, up to 10,000 cP, while requiring less than 2 ml of sample. It provides accurate measurements at near-ambient temperatures, and comes with an optional jacket for temperature control with a re-circulating bath. This enables accurate viscosity measurements from -40°C to +110°C. The VISCOlab 4000 features sophisticated electronics that allow users to define temperature/viscosity display units, data averaging interval, and density. It also contains an RS232 interface to make it easy to output data to a PC.

    Temperature Controlled Viscometer:
    VISCOlab 3000
    Ideally suited for high-temperature tests where a separate water bath system is impractical or absent, the VISCOlab 3000 features integrated electronic temperature control. This allows it to deliver accurate measurements at any setting from slightly above ambient to 356°F (180°C) – and with the possibility of extending to -40°C from ambient with the optional cooling jacket. The sensor supports 13 different 20:1 viscosity ranges up to 20,000 cP, and provides continuous viscosity, temperature, and temperature-compensated viscosity readings with less than 1.5 ml of sample

    Micro Sample Viscometer:
    VISCOlab 5000
    Able to accurately measure viscosity with only 75 μl (microliters) of sample, the VISCOlab 5000 requires the smallest sample size of any automated viscometer on the market. The VISCOlab 5000 was developed for applications where test samples are scarce and very expensive, including drug discovery and biotech. It automatically controls the temperature of the sample from 10 to 40o C, measures its viscosity, processes the resulting data, and outputs the results on the integrated screen or to a printer.

    VISCOlab PVT
    Designed for high pressure viscosity analysis, the VISCOlab PVT is the instrument of choice in oil exploration, core analysis, supercritical fluids, and analysis of dual phase liquid/gas systems. It is available in two configurations. The VISCOlab PVT High Pressure Recirculating Bath System controls temperature from -30 to 190o C with a recirculating bath for minimal warm-up time, and includes an intuitive graphical user interface. The VISCOlab PVT High Pressure Air Circulation System incorporates an isothermal oven to control temperatures from 45 to 190o C.